Any sufficiently advanced technology indistinguishable from magic.


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Third Law Productions is the exclusive production partner for, the worlds largest stock footage library of 360 degree motion environments for use in driving scenes for TV and film.  Even though the library includes over 6000 locations from over 25 countries, sometimes a production requires something specific.  Third Law's international production acumen allows us to deliver driving plates from anywhere in the world in a matter of days.




Our deep understanding of the needs of VFX artists allows us to offer innovative solutions in an ever changing industry.  Whether designing and fabricating custom camera rigs or deploying the latest stabilization technology to deliver an element that was deemed impossible, our experienced crews can deliver in the most challenging situations.

Creed 2, the newest installment in the Rocky franchise tapped Third Law Productions to provide a bespoke solution for capturing all of the crowd elements for all of the fight scenes in the film.  We created a 9 camera array that allowed our production team to film actual crowds at title fights around the world to give an authenticity and scope to the production that couldn't be created any other way.  Speed, reliability, and low light capability were the cornerstones of the design.